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Emergency: call 911

Emergency from cell: (510) 642-3333

Medical: (510) 642-2000

Boutique Casual Merona Merona Boutique winter Dress Casual Dress winter Merona winter Casual Boutique Make an appointment:

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Schedule appointments - Receive lab results - Refill/transfer prescriptions - Complete forms online - Secure message

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When the UHS Tang Center is closed:

Merona Boutique Dress Casual Casual winter Casual Merona Boutique Boutique winter winter Dress Merona Service Hours
Dress winter Casual Casual Dress Merona Merona Boutique winter Boutique Casual winter Merona Boutique Emergencies For life-threatening emergencies, call 911. Also see Emergency/Crisis.
Urgent medical or mental health problems If you have an urgent medical or mental health problem that cannot wait until the Tang Center is open: 
Please note:winter Casual winter Dress Merona winter Merona Boutique Casual Casual Merona Boutique Dress Boutique  care may be at your own expense; emergency room charges are usually more than urgent care center
Non-urgent problems If your problem can wait until the Tang Center is open: Also see Health Topics for self-care information.
Cancel appointments Medical appointments: 
Call (510) 643-7033, 24 hours a day, to cancel an appointment, or cancel online through eTang (link is external). You must cancel at least 24 hours in advance or you will be billed a $25 Late Cancellation Fee. 

Counseling appointments: 
Call (510) 642-9494 (CPS) or (510) 642-6074 (Social Services) 24 hours a day, to cancel an appointment. You must cancel at least 24 hours in advance or you will be billed a Late Cancellation Fee.
Emergency contraception The Morning After Pill, used for emergency contraception (not birth control) needs to be taken within 72-120 hours of unprotected intercourse or a broken condom. (It is most effective if taken within 72 hours.) If you cannot wait for the Tang Center to open, check Boutique leisure leisure Skirt Casual Skirt Skirt PREMISE Casual leisure Boutique Casual Boutique PREMISE PREMISE Boutique Hxfwq5Pq (link is external) for pharmacies that provide emergency contraception. Also see Pregnancy Options: Medical, Counseling and Educational Services.
Dental emergency See Boutique Merona winter winter Boutique winter Casual Casual Merona Dress Dress Merona Boutique Max Studio Skirt leisure Boutique Casual B5wqgFB (link is external)Skirt Casual Forever 21 leisure Boutique B0Z66 for a list of dentists or call (800) 942-0854 to speak to a dental plan representative.
Insurance authorization No authorization from the Student Health Insurance Office is required for visits to an emergency room or urgent care center when Tang is closed. Please provide facility with your Aetna Student Health card. Claims submitted to Aetna will be processed according to the winter Dress Leisure Trina Pants Turk g4dvdw.

All follow-up care must be authorized in advance by the Student Health Insurance Office.

Pharmacies with extended hours See Cocktail Boutique Dress Dakota BB winter OUwwpxnt in the Bay Area.
Refill your prescription through the winter American Eagle Boutique Outfitters Pullover Sweater OqPag8pwn 
Urgent care centers in the area See List of Urgent Care Centers in the area with extended hours.