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The University of Tennessee Health Science Center Office of Human Resources manages the Temporary Help Pool, which provides departments with qualified, experienced temporary staff to bridge short-term staffing needs. It is our goal to find competent temporary employees for departments at UTHSC while striving to be the best source for internal help.

winter Boutique winter Kasper Blazer Boutique We recognize that our contingent workforce is an essential part of the university's need to optimize performance, internally build talent capability, increase productivity, and manage workforce flexibility. So, we will employ every effort to ensure that we find the right personality fit and talent level for each temporary assignment.

Our office provides temporary staff to fill seasonal positions, vacation periods, position vacancies due to leaves of absence, and other types of vacancies.

Our services include:Dress winter Casual H Boutique amp;M Zz6nYOIwq

  • external recruitment and advertisement
  • pre-screening resumes and applications
  • initial in-person screenings
  • setting up interviews
  • conducting reference checks
  • Boutique winter Blazer winter Boutique Kasper licensure and education verification
  • winter winter Boutique Blazer Boutique Kasper administering criminal background checks

Current Temporary Help Pool Positions

Why Use the Temporary Help Pool?

Recruiting employees through the Temporary Help Pool is an effective means for departments to identify qualified staff for regular, part-time and temporary positions. Additionally, the employees in the Temporary Help Pool have already been vetted through the recruitment process, which eliminates a lag time in productivity for departments.

Some of the benefits of using the Temporary Help Pool include the following:

  • We support University departments by identifying qualified individuals for temporary positions, conducting interviews, background and reference checks.
  • Hiring through the Temporary Help Pool allows the department and employee to determine if the position is a good fit prior to considering regular employment.
  • Employees hired through the temporary help pool are more invested in our processes and outcomes because they are university employees and not contract workers.
  • Allows departments to strategically gain access to employees with specialized skill sets and outsource non-core business functions.
  • Helps department managers plan for predictable work spikes and shortages in staffing needs.
  • All payroll functions, counseling, evaluations, and exit clearances are managed through the Human Resources Office.
  • The commission fee (20%) charged by the Temporary Help Pool is significantly lower than that charged by an employment agency.
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Last Published: Aug 14, 2018

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