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End Dress Boutique Casual winter Lands' wF1Eq68Y

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Send and Receive nodes that write and read from a "global" state 

Create a surface material and lighting environment simply by painting or photo 

wraps NetMQ into easy nodes 

Nodes to build Telegram chatbots in VVVV 

16d ago


Box2D Physics engine 

download 64bit version | 32bit version | 597 downloads 6 comments

22d ago


NVIDIA ShadowWorks HBAO+ screen-space ambient occlusion (SSAO) 

manipulate settings of Renderer (EX9) not available through normal pins 

23d ago


Bunch of skyboxes converted from shadertoys 

optimized imagestack playback 

1mth ago


Pjlink is usefull to automate and control Projectors . 

Casual Lands' Boutique winter Dress End

1mth ago


SuperPhysical - PBR, Materials, Mutliple Lights, Shadows 

Rendering shadertoy fragment shader and output dx9/dx11 texture 

Powerful GPU video playback solution 

A solid template for any vvvv project 

A comprehensive particle library that also supports kinect 1 & kinect 2 

2mth ago


convenient handling of complex 3d scenes (DX11 & EX9) 

A typewriter for VL with a few extra features 

Generates barcodes in several formats and outputs them as textures. 

2mth ago

Spout DX11

Spout Modules for the DX11 pack 

2mth ago

Instance Noodles

Modular patching system for Compute & Geometry shaders in DX11/vvvv 

2mth ago

3D Puzzle

A 3D Jigsaw puzzle (DX11) 

vvvv pack for working with 2D and 3D scalar and vector fields 

2mth ago


A vvvv package manager 

Boutique Casual winter Lands' End Dress

HLSL header files, for common functions 

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~7h ago

joreg: Русский, Deutsch, 日本語, Magyar, فارسی, Español, Français #vvvv help in your native language? we got you covered: русский-deutsch-日本語-magyar-فارسی-español-français

~23h ago

m4d: @joreg: confirmed. works

~1d ago

Iamsick: Thank you @Microdee @Joreg for your reply. I will try out If I get stucked I will be back <3

~1d ago

joreg: reminder for tonight: a night of heavy #vvvv #vl #openframeworks chatter will happen at @spektrumberlin 4-berlin-vvvv-meetup

~1d ago

joreg: @Iamsick regarding midi nodes in vl, start reading here: vl-event-based-midi

~1d ago

microdee: @lamsick: although todomap is kinda obsolete now. Also try MIDI nodes in VL

~1d ago

microdee: @lamsick: ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? TodoMap

~2d ago

Iamsick: why the midicontrollerout node has a big amount of latency?? is there any other option in vvvv ???????????????????????????????????

~2d ago

joreg: @m4d not sure what you mean: if you're not logged in and you go to you see the login option above the shoutbox.

~2d ago

m4d: @joreg: thanks! The one you referred to is sadly not accessible if you come to the site as anon user
End Dress Boutique Casual winter Lands' wF1Eq68Y End Dress Boutique Casual winter Lands' wF1Eq68Y
Materials 67% Rayon, 28% Nylon, 5% Spandex